Keith MacMillan Stringed Instruments, in Hamilton, New Zealand, is the workshop where luthier Keith MacMillan has been making, repairing, restoring and selling stringed musical instruments since 1987.


Whether it is the adjustment of an electric guitar (a set up) or a the making of a new neck for a double bass, the work will be done to the highest standard and in a timely manner.

A full range of instruments are worked on, including guitars both acoustic and electric, all of the instruments of the violin family, mandolins, banjos, and many others too many and various to list. The work which is carried out by Keith extends from restrings to the most demanding restoration of stringed instruments.

A good range of instruments, new and second-hand, is available in the showroom. A steady stream of top-quality instruments passes through, and it is always worth a look or a call. Please feel free to contact Keith to discuss your instrument's needs or to see what instruments are currently available

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